Hide Zaraz from Googlebot

I’d like to hide the scripts loaded through Zaraz from the Googlebot, as they’re unnecessarily influencing the PageSpeed score, which could potentially hurt SEO. On top of that, there’s generally no need for the Googlebot to load the Live Chat Widget, Hotjar, etc.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Maybe I am a bit out, but may I ask where did this information come from and when the page speed time is a factor for better/worse SEO? :thinking:

Or, you are having multiple scripts setup using Zaraz maybe which affect the page load time?

Hm, interesting.

If not already available, I hope it would be, maybe something like Page Rules or using Workers to detect and modify it/prevent of …

Nevertheless, that reminds me on a “old” tricks to use PHP to detect an User-agent by the W3TC HTML Validation Tool and remove/hide broken code just to make sure it’s valid and passes the check :smiley:

The same question could apply to normal Website visitors, does each visitor have to be tracked/counted as “visitor” by the Google Analytics, or even need Live Chat Widget pop-up.

We either write and publish content for people or not.

I did not see any article mentioning for example a score of 67 for desktop and 32 for mobile was positioned lower and ranked lower due to “page load time” on Google Search, despite having (or not) Google AMP implemented and other things.

SEO Guide:

True, mentioned, but again, more focused on user experience and traffic/data savings.

Nevertheless, there are guidelines and tutorials about “better user experience / faster website / better SEO”, but I am afraid currently there is no possibility to “hide” it, somehow via Zaraz/Cloudflare until something is developed in future :slight_smile:

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It’s well known that a slow page response time will negatively impact your SEO. Google will always prefer a faster website over one that takes forever to load and generally speaking, If Google tells you to do something, you should probably do it.

The cache policy, render blocking and general load time are affected by the slow 3rd party script.

Your input is much appreciated nevertheless. Thank you!

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Hey @paulwaldmann, I am not sure how you can “hide” scripts from the google bot, but you can definitely create some more complexed triggers using Zaraz for those tools. For example, using a timer trigger, or firing a zaraz.track after initial scroll, etc. I think it might do the trick. Feel free to send more context to this email account [email protected] maybe there are tool vendors we can work with to add cloud integrations.