Hide website - block all bots

How do I make a website inaccessible to everybody except a certain IP?

I want to install MainWP on a domain to manage all websites through it, and I dont want it to be found by any hacking scanner tool etc. I want that domain to be totally unvisible/inaccessible to everyone except my IP.

Does the firewall option “IP Adress source - does not equal - my ip - block” achieve that or can they still scan the site, find potential security holes in wordpress-themes-plugins and infect / hack the site?

You can manage it using a Cloudflare Firewall Rules, to allow requests from only your wanted IP address to pass throught and block the requests from each other.

Anyone trying to access your site would get an error “1020 Access Denied”, more information about it can be found on the below article:

You would need to create a rule and add it to your Firewall rules for your domain, which should look like:

(ip.src ne where is your IP address.

Moreover, there is a way to lock your zone here (requires a Paid Plan):

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Due to concern of WordPress, you can use IP Access Rules which execute before Firewall Rules, where you specify and block WPScan and other online tools if that is what you want to achieve.

Other options are available:

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From the topic title, you would like to block all the bots, including “good” bots?

Kindly see the post here:

Wow, thanks man for all the feedback and knowledge :slight_smile:

Ok, so I have create the firewall rule that if the IP isnt equal to my IP it should block that IP. Does that mean that the website wont be able to get scanned by any hacking / indexing tools? ( No files or directories on the website cant be reached?)

How can I use IP Access Rules? I dont know what to block that way, or?

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