Hide the ip address in an SRV record

I recently connected my domain to Cloudflare and created an srv record for my Minecraft server.
The srv record target is an A record also in Cloudflare but when i connect to the Minecraft server, using wireshark i see that i can still see the server ip address.
So, I initially joined Cloudflare because i have been DDOS attacked lately and i wanted to hide my ip.
How do i do that?

Hi @naharia2013,

You would need Cloudflare Spectrum for that.

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Is it included in the Pro plan?

You can activate the product on the Pro plan and you then pay based on usage. You should look at how much this could end up costing based on your traffic.

Ok so i created an application with a subdomain in Spectrum but when i enter my server using that subdomain it still doesn’t mask my server ip.

That seems strange. The SRV record should point to the Spectrum application, not the IP of the server (that should show only in the Spectrum tab, not anywhere else).

Proxy it through cloudflare, it hides the IP address

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