Hide server IP.

Hello everyone. I have several sites and have decided to use Cloudflare to increase security.

However I have a problem with 3 sites: I can’t hide the server’s ip address despite the dns being set correctly.

These 3 sites have one thing in common: the domain is hosted on a different provider than the one offering the hosting.

I contacted both providers and they couldn’t figure out what the problem was.
The hosting provider told me that the Whois information (where I still saw my visible IP) had probably not been updated yet, however it has now been over a month and my server IP is still visible.

Has anyone had a similar problem and have any suggestions?

Thank you

How are you able to see that your server’s IP address is exposed?

I suspect you’re trying to be discreet, but without knowing an actual domain name to check out, we can’t track down the issue.

Thanks friend, I solved it.
The Whois had not yet been updated. Today the cloudflare servers finally turn out.

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