Hide server IP while using Cloudflare "DNS only" status

Hi Cloudflare community members,

I want to hide my aws ec2 server IP while using Cloudflare DNS (DNS only for proxy status) as it stopped working if I enabled proxy status. I configured the server to have port 2096 open which is Cloudflare open public port and make proxies out of it. so the complete proxy is in a format of
sub.mydomain.com: 2096:user1:pass1

Does cloudflare not support socket proxies or just HTTP proxies ? Thanks.

DNS Only mode is standard DNS that exposes your server’s IP address.

Standard proxy is HTTP/S over a set of ports, which includes 2096. It’s possible that enabling WebSockets in the Network tab of the Cloudflare dashboard.


Thanks sdayman, WebSockets has been already enabled in network tab from my dashboard though.

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Thanks DotMrCode, looks like its just http/https proxy mode, not working for socket proxy… any workaround ? Thanks.

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