Hide RDP applications from Cloudflare Access?

For Cloudflare Teams, If a user is permissioned for an RDP access, this appears as an icon in main Cloudflare Access dashboard. However, clicking it throws an error because it’s attempting to redirect to a URL, not launch an RDP session.

Is there a way to selectively hide applications from the Access dashboard, while still having the user have ALLOW rights? OR alternatively, is it possible to set the application to attempt to launch their RDP client?

I don’t think it could launch the RDP client since there’s no browser URI for launching RDP (maybe that could become part of the WARP application in the future) but it would be nice to either have icons hidable, or for RDP apps, popup instructions for connecting to the RDP endpoint.

I suggest you submit your via the feedback form linked on the Teams dashboard as well:

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I left feedback now, but i guess you’re saying moral of the story: this isn’t possible yet :frowning:

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