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Kinda new to this type of stuff so here it goes.

I have a cloud hosted VPS that runs a service. This VPS has an interface with a public IP.

Some equipment I own communicates with this service that is available on this VPS through this public IP.

The IP is associated with a specific DNS created in Cloudflare, like MyDomainExample.xyz.

What I intend is to hide this IP through the “proxy” function. However, when I activate this functionality, the devices stop communicating. this is because the name no longer resolves to the machine’s IP and resolves to Cloudflare’s proxy IPs. I’ve tried to create a proxied CNAME like test.MyDomainExample.xyz expecting to relay the connections into the server but with no success.

Is there any way around this problem? As I said, I’m a novice in this field.

Thank you!

Would you share a error shot here?

Make sure you’ve added A record as well. What’s your SSL mode?

It’s unlikely they stop communicating because the IP address changed. It’s more likely that the devices are using a port not supported by Cloudflare’s proxy.

You’d need to investigate the ports/protocols used by your equipment and look at any errors/ logs on the device and/or the Cloudflare firewall.

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I have added the A record as well. This record is DNS only and the CNAME is being proxied.

I will try to do so. But when i activate proxy mode, the device goes down and cannot comunicate with MyDomainExample.xyz

So when i activate proxy mode, even if MyDomainExample.xyz resolves to a different IP (proxied one) it should still be able to work? Cloudflare does the relay to the original IP?

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