Hide page rules migration notice for migrated domains

Dear Cloudflare team,

I have hundreds of domains with Cloudflare and I want to migrate page rules. I believe there isn’t an easy way to do the migration except for manual migration.

So, I’m going to do the migration domain by domain. I want to request that your team hide the page rule migration notice for domains that don’t have any page rules configured.

It would make it a lot easier for the users to understand if the domain has page rules that need to be migrated or not. Otherwise, we have to go and check the page rules again and again.


You can check for domains with Page Rules here…
(it’s new as I needed to check we had removed Page Rules from all our domains too).


That’s not what I said.

You did ask to…

I offered my tool which does this faster than the banner/no banner way would let you do it. If you don’t want to use the tool, it’s ok. You can just click around the Cloudflare dashboard for your 100s of domains.

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You need to read the whole thread or at least the last paragraph in whole. I didn’t ask for a third party or even a separate tool developed by Cloudflare itself. I am asking to remove the notice banner for domains that are not using deprecated page rules.

Maybe that’s why your reply is labeled as spam?

I labelled it as spam as a joke as I was self-promoting. I’ll leave you to enjoy your clicking.

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