Hide my Server IP address

I want to hide my servers IP addresses while connecting VPN services, so please please let me know which product is suitable for my requirement through which I can achieve my goal

If you are saying you’d like to tunnel your VPN traffic through Cloudflare, then you’d be talking about an Enterprise solution and best talk to sales about that.


Keep in mind, this will be about a four digit amount a month. All other services do not cover VPNs.

Thanks for your reply,

but if go for enterprise plan it will cost huge, I need only VPN services for around 10 users

Sure, that’s why I mentioned the price.

Nonetheless, VPN requires Enteprise.

Perhaps Cloudflare’s Zero Trust?


My understanding is the OP wants to provide VPN services, not in the classic VPN sense but rather the Imgonnapretendtobeinanothercountry sense.

If this was about a corporate network, the tunnel approach may certainly work.

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