Hide Hosting Provider

Hello, I was told I could set up my cloudflare to hide my hosting provider from websites like the site below.


As you can other sites like shesfreaky.com have hidden theirs:

It even says at the bottom that cloudflare masks the ip.

How can I do this?

Once crawlers have found your pre-Cloudflare exposed site, they hold onto that data. My sites are hidden because I’ve been on Cloudflare so long that the old data has fallen out of their records. Or it’s a “new” site that’s never existed outside of Cloudflare.

Your best bet now, since you’re using Cloudflare, is to change your server’s IP address. Either by asking your host, or switching hosts. Those Hosting This crawlers will probably keep your current info for a while, but at least it will be inaccurate after you change IP addresses/hosts.

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