Hide A record

I have a question about my A record this is my domain with my IP adres. I have 3 C names I use this works correctly. I have a firewall for block outside connection. But when I go to my a record I get a Error 520 I will block of hide this a record that I can only use the C names and not use the a record to the internet …

I hope you understand and can help me


A CNAME needs to point to a valid “A” record. If a DNS lookup doesn’t reveal that “A” record, those CNAMEs won’t work.

Are your “A” and CNAME records set to :orange: Proxied, or are they :grey: DNS Only? If they’re :orange:, then Cloudflare will convert them to Cloudflare IP addresses and hide your origin IP address.

Oke thanks for the reply, yes al my cname and a are proxy and when I ping in the cmd the adressen I get a cloudflare ip back. But my a record i not use for a site when I go to the internet page of this I get a 520 error. Is it possible to change it to a simple site with tekst?

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