Hidden A record preventing subdomain CNAME?

I added a CNAME enty “blog” that points to “practical-goldstine-11b9ff.netlify.app” >24 hours ago & it doesn’t show. The service provider superblog.ai double checked and said that the DNS changes didn’t propagate yet, and asked me to check in with you why that’s the case. Please let me know what I can do.

They pointed out to me that apparently under DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool it is visible that there is an A record but it’s not showing in my cloudflare DNS settings. When I tried adding one (to delete it), it denied that, saying that there’s already a CNAME record. Any way to surface that hidden A name record and delete it?


Hi @w11,

It looks like you have that CNAME proxied (:orange:) so Cloudflare are returning their own IPs as A records. If you change it to :grey:, your provider should be able to see the CNAME directly.

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