Hi there, I encountered some technical problems

When I call the API, I have always appeared 500 internal server errors

For example: I have always failed when I called the Create Deployment API?

After I tried many times, it may be due to the limitation of API, so I have an error code 9300 on my side.

The error message is: “Message”: “User Session Has Expired. Please Log in Again”

I do n’t know why I always make mistakes when calling this API, but I wo n’t make an error when calling other APIs.

I will send me the code of the API to you. Please help your technicians to solve it. Thank you!

curl --request POST
–url https://api.cloudflare.com/api/v4/accounts/……/pages/projects/sjoqk/deployments
–header ‘Content-Type: multipart/form-data’
–header ‘X-Auth-Email: ……’
–header ‘X-Auth-Key: ……’
-F _worker.js=“@_worker.js

Tip: Due to privacy issues, I have provided some processing for my personal information.

I’d suggest sharing the account id, which is perfectly fine to share.
That’ll help :slight_smile:

Looking at the API definition, what is this part? :slight_smile:

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