Hi. Pro plan. How could track where people find my website and come from?

Hi. I’ve just got Pro plan. Please tell me how could track where people find my website and come from? For example: Twitter, Google search, etc

Using Cloudflare analytics, I believe you could see the country from which are they comming for example, therefore which URL(s) are they visiting, etc.
Furthermore, a referer, you can see from which social media the traffic is comming too, like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

I am not sure in which way, like implementing a code to your Website like Google Analytics and have all that reports?

For some other features of detailed reports, tracking the first, then inner clicks, and out/exit URL(s), and some other paremeters, I am afraid until Cloudflare Analytics gets more improvement, etc., even it’s in a question of privacy and cookies (some were removed), I would suggest using some other alternative tool, or a combination of Google Search Console and Google Analytics, etc.

The link to Cloudflare Analytics:

Usefull articles to check:

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