HI, New in here. And VERY LOST!

I have message enabled. Feel free to send me once. Happy to discuss more.


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Most users can’t send Messages, even if someone else allows Receive Messages.

If I were to try something, I’d ask the host for a BIND file of your DNS records. Then you can import them into the Cloudflare dashboard.


Exactly, I did not received any message. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, a public conversation is better. Open. Transparent. Responsible.


Hiii!!! Thank you so much…I did EVERYTHING you told me … I don’t know which was the solution (of them all) but now everything works peachy :peach:. I hope it stays that way :slight_smile:

You were very very helpful :smiley:

(Let’s see if this allows me to give a reply)


Well, yes a public conversation is better… I was opting for the personal message as a way to reply to you. You’ve been very kind and helpful and I didn’t wanted to appear rude but not giving signs of activity. I wanted you to know that I was following what you were saying and not just suddenly disappear :smiley:

Anyway, I’m so happy and relief right now. This place is great! :smiley:



thank you @sdayman :blush:

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Hi @KayNi, I looked and cannot see any tickets submitted to Support from the account you are using here. And, have sufficient permissions and should not hit the posting limitations you mentioned earlier. If you do, we can adjust that as necessary, sorry for any difficulty.

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