Hi Need to change mx records

can anyone help I need to have the MX records changed I do not have access to the records for this email service, can anyone give an email address for to have the records changed Please thank you

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

No one here can change your DNS records for you.

If that is not what you are asking, can you try explaining more clearly how we can help you use Cloudflare?

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Hi my name is Pat Thank You so much for your response, I work at a small hotel and in the south of Ireland

I have been drafted to migrate the email service to Office 365 but I do not have access to any Couldflare

account for Sneem Hotel. the emails are hosted by Digiweb and the MX records are in Couldflare.

I am not an IT technician but I help them out at times. I am in a little more than I want to be but I must

finish this anyway. I have completed the Office 365 part and only need to fix the mx records now.

I have spoken to Digiweb and they say they can not help with this ans I do not have any details for

Couldflare to change anything, That is where I am.

Thank You So So Much Epic Network

Thank you for the clear explanation. Making the necessary MX record changes to the DNS will require that you have access to the account.

For security and privacy reasons, Cloudflare cannot make changes or grant account access. There are some methods to address login and account issues.

If those are unsuccessful, the domain can be moved to a new Cloudflare account. This method requires all DNS records and any desired configurations to be recreated in the new account. It is important to be cautious and thorough with this approach to avoid disruptions.

Again thank you so so much for your time i n resolving my problem.

I will try some more to find who ever set up that account in Clouldflare

How big a job is it to have the account transferred, and dose take long

Again I can not thank you so so much Pat

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