Hi, my nameserver is not working porperly?

Hi, I want to inform you that I added the Cloudflare nameservers on my domain last 24 hours ago but the nameservers are not working properly and that’s why my website is down.

Where did you add it? You are required to add at the registrar. Read the second step:

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I have added the nameservers properly but it doesn’t work properly

you can see the reports

I added the nameservers last 30 hours ago but still, the nameservers are not propagating.

Would you share the domain here to get more insight?

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Here is my domain nikahorseproducts.nl

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I see the propagation of the domain. However, it looks to me, you’ve forgotten one of the following prerequisite. (Check the above doc):

If you are onboarding an existing domain to Cloudflare, make sure 
DNSSEC is disabled at your registrar

I see that’s active currently:

DNSSEC:      yes

Domain nameservers:
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Can you please tell me how you get or see that dnssec is active? And how can I disable this?

It’s at whois.

Disable at the registrar.


hey brother is there any other option to disable the dnssec? I can’t find the dnsses on the register. Is there any way to disable the dnssec by using Cloudflare?

Contacting the registrar would be the right option to disable the DNSSEC.