Hi, my IP are listed on your system and I need to pass to captcha challenge on a lot off web paiges. I believe that that are happening because the IP range are listed but my IP are clean

Hi, my IP, 200.148.10x.xxx are black listed on cloudflare and I need to pass to captcha challenge on a lot off web paiges.
I believe that that are happening because the IP range are listed but my IP are clean.

My query is the following, how do I remove my public IP from the black list, try all means, check for viruses on my network, everything is fine, but I still have a problem.
Most of the sites ask me for a security check. And I want to avoid that in my network.

Could you please share a screenshot with us for an example?

How this one come so?
May I ask what tool did you used to gather that information?
Did you contacted Cloudflare Support and got that feedback about your public IP address being blacklisted by Cloudflare?

You would have to re-check with official RBL lists online to make sure your public IP address is not listed at their database.

May I ask are you using a TOR Web browser, or maybe a VPN connection?
Have you tried using some other Web browser, or a private window, or different device connected to some other network (like cellular / Edge / LTE, mobile data)? - even you stated different countries/browsers, etc.

How about clearing your Web browser cache? Have you tried that too?

I am afraid if this is happening to you, that’s the Website’s owner choice and a way to protect and secure their Websites using different methods (available to them if using Cloudflare). You cannot change a lot here.

There are similar topics here at community, you could find them by using a search :search: .

If you cannot access your sites, you could try to “bypass” or “allow” your public IP address by entering it to both an Firewall Rule and IP Access Rule.

May I also suggest below articles:

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Cloudflare Ray ID: 6b3b7218a8b4799f • Your IP: 200.148.108.xx • Performance & security by Cloudflare

I also get that info. Maybe the problem are on my ISP

Alert: Your IP is part of a network listed as a Worst Offender

This is a Worst Offender Alert and this means that not only this IP address, but the whole class ‘C’ is also on the indicated SpamRats List. Usually this means the whole range has the same issue of naming conventions or no reverse DNS AND that many IP’s from this Class C have been used in Spam Attacks, Dictionary attacks or other forms of attacks, as detected by Mail Servers in the Data Collection Grid. You will NOT be able to use the removal form to remove your IP Addresses. If you have recently been assigned the IP Addresses, or have changed what these IP Addresses are used for, you can use the contact form and ask for a reclassification,

Not sure what do do next.


Seems there were some issues in the past, that’s why:

I am afraid you may have to contact your Internet Service Provider about this one.

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