Hi. My domain has disappeared

The domain was linked to an account. But I could not enter it. The password reset message did not arrive for a long time. I tried to re-register an account. When I logged in to my account, there were no domains.
Advise how to return them, please.

Hi @pralnjalviv,

If you can’t get access to the old account with the domains, you will have set them up again in your new account.

As for the old account, if you have access to the email on that account, you should be able to do a password reset. If you don’t receive the email, please check spam and send a test email to check it is working.

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I made as you said.
Set yarmarok.lviv.ua up again in new account on {redacted}
And now it shows me “too many redirects error”
Can you fix it?

It’s working.