Hi It's J.R. I could use some help

I hooked my website jrcalcaterra.com up to cloudflare CDN. Nothings happening after 3 days. I cannot connect to my website. Seems there are some metrics in cloudflare but I can’t see or connect to my website.

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance…


Your site loads fine on HTTPS


However there’s a JavaScript error

That’s not Cloudflare related though but something you need to clarify with your web developer.

I built the site so I don’t have a developer.

I do have a plugin for caching enabled. Should I disable that?

Thanks for your response and help with this issue.

Sorry, I should have said… The website worked fine and loaded fine before it was hooked up to cloudflare CDN. Now it doesn’t work and I cannot connect to it from my computer. How could that be?

Then you need to take this to a developer related forum I am afraid.

Does not seem to be the case. Assuming your server IP address ends in 33 it did not load from there either.

I think it was the caching plugin. I deleted it and now I can see it and connect to it fine.Do I need a caching plugin?

Thanks again for the help with this


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Need probably not, as always with caching it might make certain things faster but might not always show the most recent version either. Keep in mind, static resources are cached by Cloudflare by default anyhow.

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