Hi! Is it common to have issues trying to make changes on Wordpress and Cloudflare messing it up/not loading new changes?

Hi there. To be honest, I am very new at this. I hooked up my website, livingkombucha.com and I was trying to make changes to the font or any CSS changes. It worked after a hard reload, but when I tried to do it again, it didn’t respond. How can one make the best use of Cloudflare while making changes to website? Does this have to do with Cloudflare at all?

Your static files do have the header cf-cache-status: HIT which means they have been cached by CloudFlare, to improve performance.
Depending on which .css file you have made changed you should purge the cache of this file (the URL of it) or set your site in “development mode” while developing on it.

As you usualy do not change .css files afer the page is up and running I would preffer to put your page into development mode to have all changes directly.

Thanks so much Martin. It’s a little embarrassing, but I don’t now set my site in development mode. On Coudflare,I don’t see where I can make such changes. I don’t have a dashboard. IT’s a little odd. I wonder if I have to do it through Wordpress W3 Cache?

You can enable Dev Mode from dash.cloudflare.com in the Overview section for your domain. Right column. From that same page, you can also follow the Purge Cache link to reload your CSS.

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Wow thank you! So easy haha.

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In my experience, Cloudflare caching for WordPress is MUCH more intelligent that other caching solutions. If you are running W3 Cache, you may be seeing issues there, or from your browser cache, or from other caching appliances (such as Sucuri and the default WP Engine cache). However, dev mode is still the way to go.

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