Hi. I'm new here. And new to all of this. Help please!

Hello all!

I am a very new to all of this. I have tinkered in computers for my whole life and know some things about them but not a ton. I recently found the site and saw that it was even faster than Google so I changed the DNS settings on my router and phone but now that I have done that I seem to be having some issues. I have been trying to use the ps4 remote play app on my home network via wifi on my laptop (windows 10) and that used to work but it no longer is. I also used to use the remote play app via a friends mac (high sierra) with no issues but that no longer works as well. As soon as I start the program on my laptop I get an error (0x80001fff) and when I start the app on my friends mac it tries to connect and then just closes itself. I’m really quite confused. I’m wondering if maybe my ip is blocking the DNS or something like that. I would love to have the speed that this has but if it is not an option I will go back to the original settings. By the way, I have my own router and modem. Router: TP-Link Archer A7 Modem: Arris SURFboard (not sure of the model at this point, sorry!)

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me on this issue!

Is anything working now that you’re using How about using instead?

If the device allows for multiple DNS entries, try for primary and (or for secondary.

It’s odd. Some things are and some aren’t. They seem to have slowed down instead of speeding up.

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