Hi i have found big issue

whenever I add Cloudflare to my domain my organic traffic starts decreasing. firstly, I thought there is a problem with my hosting provider but they told me that Cloudflare has problem they said for checking to remove Cloudflare then I removed Cloudflare and now my organic traffic increased per day approx 4k visitors. now again I decided to use Cloudflare and the same problem my ranking and traffic starts decreasing. for some reason, i cant show the name of my domain you can directly see it is attached with the same email address on Cloudflare. by the way i just want to know what is the reason

I’m note sure, but there’s a good change that many of that traffic came from bots, which Cloudflare blocks.

It happened to me something similar: when I enabled “Under Attack” mode for my website, traffic decreased a lot.

Hope it helps!

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