Hi I am having a issue with my domain. i have moved my site from click funnels to Groove and having issues

Hi I am having a issue with my domain. i have moved my site from click funnels to Groovepages. the issue is
when you type in http://www.sitename.com is directs to clickfunnels home page
when you type in http://sitename.com] it goes to my site

when setting up on groove i followed the steps and it validated the process
my domain was purchased on godaddy and there is nothing being forward to click funnels
the name servers on godaddy are set as stated on Groove

note: i have spoken to godaddy and said as they do not host they cannot do anything and to contact cloudflare

any help would be great

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you are facing.

Just to confirm, are you still using Clickfunnels at all? - If not, have you reached out to them as if you historically used ClickFunnels they still may have some legacy configuration in place for your domain that needs to be removed.


I am no longer using clickfunnels as I moved to groove

I would recommend reaching out to Clickfunnels to make sure they clear up any old configuration for your zone/domain, that should get you up and running.


i have contacted Clickfunnels and they have responded with the below

Mmmm…can’t see their response.

Hello Kamlesh,

My name is Akram with ClickFunnels Technical Support! I would be happy to help you today.

Correct me if I’m wrong
I understand you want to delete your domain from pointing to ClickFunnels.

What I have discovered
After looking into this, your domain is not pointing to ClickFunnels. I have checked everywhere and do not find anything pointing to ClickFunnels, from your CNAME records to your Nameservers. Please reach out to your host and inform them of the results we have shared with you. Here are some resources you can present.





Let me know if that answers this question. Your business is important, so I will do everything I can. Have a great day.

Akram H#### Technical Support Specialist, Contracting for ClickFunnels

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