Hi guys i need help with Rocket Loader on Wordpress

Hi guys i have a problem with Rocket Loader on my website. After i read official docs on CF platform i decide to disable to see if Rocket Loader was the problem and it is.

If i disable it no erros apeears. So we see when rocket loader is enabled some scripts are wrong on DEV console. (image attached ). We know that we should add thos code on our Wordpress site: adding the data-cfasync=“false” But i’m not able to do it, mostly because i don’t know where to add the code.

Please if someone have some knowledge about this issue i will be happy to get some help.

Images - Screenshot, 2021-11-22 18:52:47 - Paste.Pics & Screenshot, 2021-11-22 18:53:17 - Paste.Pics

I would think it’d be easier to try two page rules. One for each plugin path:
Match: `example.com/wp-content/plugins/FIRSTPLUGIN/*
Setting: Rocket Loader (OFF)

First of all Thanks @sdayman for reply.

I tried add the rules but erros still there. I flushed cache from all sources but no changes. You can go website and you will see.

Screenshot, 2021-11-22 19:40:00 - Paste.Pics - Image of Rules

I’m a horrible reader. Those bottom browser warnings aren’t much of a problem. Some sites auto-preload stuff like fonts so your browser already has them for when they’re needed. That’s what’s happening here. Your site told the browser it’s going to need those .js files for your site, but after a few seconds, your site never used them. But this is probably somewhat related to the upper errors.

The upper errors are CORS. I’m a bit weak on CORS, but that usually means that your plugin is saying that only whatever.com is allowed to load that .js file. But if www.whatever.com tries to load it, it’s not a match, so it won’t load. Maybe even as strict as http vs https.

However, I’m not seeing those errors on the front page.

In other words, I don’t know why Rocket Loader would cause what you’re seeing.

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