Hi Friends, Please recommend and help with some hosting issue

Hello Friends,

I had a WordPress site with lot’s of free images similar to PicJumbo or Unsplash. Things started picking up after a bit of SEO my site started to show on Google images on first page and then all ■■■■ broke.

My hosting company shut down my site giving a reason that my site is using too much resource and is causing a problem to others. Ever since my site went down again and again and finally the hosting company killed my site and told me they will refund 50% money and I should take my site to any other hosting company.

I’m totally fed up with the company and I’m ready to move on and start from scratch.

My Question:

How do I choose a good and inexpensive host that can support millions of impressions and image downloads without any downtime?

how much bandwidth per month?

That’s not a issue, with a lot of choices. A shared hosting is never the best choice.

  1. Use a VPS instead, you can do more just than hosting on it! I mean you can run your apps, do some calculations, host your own email, or anything you can do with a computer on a VPS. There are popular choices like Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean around. For example, even the cheapest plan on Linode ( $5 a month ) gives you 1 TB of bandwidth every month, maybe that’s more than enough for you?
  2. If you don’t want to tango with a VPS, even Github Pages or Firebase can be better for you, they support static site hosting and the sites hosted on it can be sped up by Fastly CDN. But the bandwidth limit of the free version of both are 10 GB/month, while the storage limit of both are 1 GB, maybe that’s not enough for you? However you can expand the limit by paying in Firebase, the Price List. If you use Cloudflare CDN in front of a Github Page site or Firebase site and set edge cache right, you could save bandwidth. So maybe in this case, the only concern is the storage? But remember Cloudflare can decrease the speed when loading files from them for the first time. But with their fast speed the speed should be still decent.

I would like to start with basic plan and scale it up when traffic hits.

Thank you for your reply. For some reason I was stuck with the thought that VPS and things like firebase is not for noobs like me. But I learnt it the hard way that shared hosting will kill your site and traffic in no time :frowning:

Then just stop using that!
With so many tutorials on the Internet, all you have to do is decide and search and follow the tutorials you need. Then start publishing.
Maybe you don’t want to bother with things like Nginx. Then Firebase is easier to start with. All you have to do is generate your static site, then initiate a Firebase project in the dir and upload it via Firebase CLI. They will automatically do the rest things like SSL for you. You can then bind your domain to your Firebase project. When you get more familiar with this, set something like 301 rules, caching rules in config file. One drawback is that you need to log in to their web once a month to verify the ownership of your domain. Another alternative is Github Pages, which won’t need your once-a-month verification, but they don’t support cache configuration.

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