Hi first post, trying to work something out

Hi all, bit of a noob but having problems with the contact form on my page and thinking it’s something to do with SMTP. Changed over to Cloudfare, trying to change back to StackCP/StackMail to see if it will fix issue, and wondering how to do it. My StackCP control panel saying my wsebsite ‘is currently not using our nameservers’. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Without knowing the specific problem you’re seeing, here are some tips:

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hi this is what I see, sorry… and thanks for your reply. Any idea how to fix? I would like to go back to StackCP

The DNS records look good. What’s happening with your form mail?

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I’m just not getting any, from any form on my website. It’s a wordpress site. I have tried several forms and they are all failing to deliver, both to me, and from me when I test. Can’t work out the problem. Thanks for viewing. You say it looks good. That’s cool. Does that mean I am being ‘hosted’ by Cloudfare? I don’t really understand what’s happening :slight_smile: I asked someone to change it over for me, and now I have an error message on my old StackCP saying my website ’ is currently not using our nameservers. Our nameservers are:

ns1.stackdns.com, ns2.stackdns.com, ns3.stackdns.com, ns4.stackdns.com,

Do you think something is wrong with the way I have it set up?

Cloudflare isn’t a website host. They’re more like a firewall for your website.

If you post your domain, we can take a closer look. It’s slightly possible StackCP doesn’t allow you to use external name servers, but that’s rare.

I see that the mail server accepts email for your domain. (You may find a message titled “Wormly SMTP Test Message” in the info mailbox).

As your DNS looks properly configured, it’s an issue outside Cloudflare. Maybe that person who changed it over for you can troubleshoot your contact form. Or you can change your name servers back to they way they were.

ah we both messaged at same time…how can I make a contact form direct to that email, you know?

how do I change back, is it hard to do?
thanks again

and yes I got the email OK :ok_hand:

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All you have to do is go to your domain registrar and change the assigned name servers from the Cloudlfare ones back to the stackdns ones.

Ok thank you. I will do tomorrow.

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