Hi everyone, how can you unblock you ip address please

HI there everyone, I recently signed up with 2x.divvy.club but I take medication and I was on my computer and fell asleep and today morning I got denied access to the website , I invested a lot of money on it and I even tried emailing support they said they only work with the domain owner, Guys I kindly beg anyone if you guys have any advice for me I will appreciate it alot please. Thank you very much and I appreacite your replies.

It seems that the website is blocking everyone from accessing it, it’s not just your IP that got blocked.

Also, after some digging it seems that this website was almost definitely a classic crypto scam. Some googling shows that this website promises a 10% daily return on deposited ethereum, which is impossible.

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I checked out the website, its a legit website , more than 4000 people have invested in it , If it was a scam cloudfare will not allow it and I think its a good investment I got paid my first 2 devidends and yesterday night I fell asleep without turning off my computer and internet on, cuz im on resperidon and I am trying to get some advice on how to get it fixed please

That they say that 4000 people have invested in it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true.
Cloudflare provides a free service to millions of websites, they don’t check every website for any warning signs such as crypto scams as they simply don’t have the capacity for that.

thank you for your reply, I see your point , until unless you have invested you cannot draw conclusions but I have and I had option to withdraw any time, everybody has there opinion and I respects yours and I have mine and I believe its legit. so there you, thank you for your reply and I appreciate it

That response is absolutely correct.

This appears to be a global block and has been configured by the site owner and only the site owner can change that. You need to talk to them.

thank you very much, I appreciate it

@rikasabdul, tickets with Support will not help in this matter, you need to contact the site owner, support cannot help in this instance. The feedback received on this thread is accurate, sorry for this issues you’re facing.