Hi, Does cloudflare free plan changes my visitor's IP address?

Hi, Does Cloudflare free plan changes my visitor’s IP address?

I’m new and i’m just getting started, but, i just wanted to know because there are some cookies on my website that depend on a visitor’s IP address and i think it may not work properly if the visitor’s IP address changes instead of having their real IP address.

If Cloudflare changes visitor’s IP, what would you guys recommend me to do?

Thank you so much for your support and sorry if i missed something from the help center!

As a reverse proxy, the raw IP address will be a Cloudflare Proxy server, but Cloudflare adds some visitor IP address headers:

I see, thank you, so, will it be that hard to install mod_Cloudflare if i’m not an expert using cpanel?

mod_Cloudflare has to be installed by a server admin. You’d have to ask your host if they have this installed.

Are you sure the cookies depend on visitor IP address? Those change frequently.

Session cookies(remember me checkbox) depend on visitor’s ip address, maybe the problem is that, i don’t think a log in cookie should rely only on a users ip because it can also change after they switch from wifi to another

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