Hi all i lost my old account with registered email connect with it

hi all i lost my old account with registered email connect with it its have most of my domains i want transfer it to new email i did now can some one help me i submit ticket no respond for request ?

Do you have access to the email address on the account? If not then you will unfortunately be unable to regain access to the account.

You can set up a new account and change the nameservers at your Registrar to point there.


ok i new to this stuff i lost all info about my old account its in here clouedflare so i did create a new flare account and trying to add my domains that in old flare account i still have access to my hosting server which is hostinger but not sure how exact connect hostinger to Cloudflare i dont need my old Cloudflare anymore i just want to gain access to my domain and merge it to this account i’m using right now i remember things was easy i just provide my i identification and support will help why things changed right now ?

plz can some one help step by step thank you very much i read all this article couldn’t understand exactly where to begin in hostinger article or cloud-flare article in confused all i know my hosting ip address connect to old flare account so what should i do ?

Forget about the old Cloudflare account. You can pretend it doesn’t exist and that should make it easier to complete the required steps. You will treat this the same as adding any domain to Cloudflare.

@domjh has written a #tutorial that will walk you through the process.

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OK should i have business flare account or should i upgrade it because i don’t see where i must put name server nor in hosting and nor in Cloudflare is showing the option or should i edit DNS zone directly in both ? thank you

Stil not sure how to solve this issue i guess i need once again disable DNSSEC from old account
or what ? not sure how to pretend to forget my old account and start over i dont know all i want is my domains connect to hostinger hosting with my new flare account can some one help what to do ? should i subscribe to better options in could flare ?

You need to add the domain to your new Cloudflare account. If you were using DNSSEC in the old Cloudflare account, you will need to disable that at your domain registrar. Once the domain is active in your new Cloudflare account, you can update the DNSSEC data at your registrar. Your domain registrar is where you need to update your nameservers.

The tutorial I shared in my previous reply goes though the process of adding a domain to Cloudflare in detail. I am not aware of any Cloudflare plans where they do the work for you, so changing plans will not get you that,if that is what you are searching for.

Have you considered engaging with a consultant that you know and trust? That would get you access to someone who has the skills and experience that you are looking for and would provide you with dedicated personal attention.

hostinger they was ready to help me also even about managing my domain in cloud-flare they are awesome support but they give me same instruction to follow articles I’m not sure where i lost cause i followed instruction in hostinger and here i cant change name server directly only in dns zone any way im new to webserver stuff if some one can help me I,m ready to pay anyone who can help and give me his experience thank you for your concern …

Hostinger is your web host. While most hosting providers offer domain registration, they may not be your registrar. You can confirm where the domain is registered by looking it up with a whois tool. The registrar listed in the results is where you will need to update your nameservers.

i submit before i posted here a ticket i guess must wait until they fixed the issue yes i know my registrar its Cloudflare i am waiting guys i technical team to help me do i have other option i don’t know …

That is ticket 2523078, @jomaro.mirza yes?

Support can only work with the account holder. Hence the reply you received when contacting from a different email.

Can you share the domain name here or on the ticket 2523078? That will help “connect some dots”.

i own this 3 domain in Cloudflare:
https://bayan-noon.com /this is the main in hostinger/
https://bayan-noon.org /this is the parked in hostinger/
https://noon-group.org /this is the parked in hostinger/
hi all i lost my old account with registered email connect with it its have most of my domains i want transfer it to new email i did now can some one help me i submit ticket no respond for request ?

i want merge it in this account I’m speaking to it right now

this domains is linked to my personal hostinger account i only need to retrieve those domans to my this account and its all good for me thank you …I’m ready give any identification to prove my identity(post deleted by author)

i also own this domain recently
and added in old account so I’m confused what do ?