Hey my website have 32 post bt when i a added my site to cloudflare..i can see only 3 posts and....please help me


my website link isUsn-IT

in this phto the marking area have many features and a slideshow…bt it dont see nothinnn plz help me…and iam free user


Thats a local issue of your site, not Cloudflare. The same is shown when your server, respectively Blogger’s, is directly accessed.


what did you mean by local issues?when i added my site in clouflare,then thhose prblms are happnd!!!..what can i do just say about that!!


It is an issue on your server, not Cloudflare.


any solution for it?


I am afraid thats beyond the purpose of the forum here.


well,if this prblm will continue,will i deactivate from cloudflare!!?


That is unlikely to solve your issue.


what!!!..so what can i do…please…help me out!!


We are going in circles :wink:

Thats a local issue, you need to fix this on your server or CMS or whatever.


well,when i using chrome,it was oky.bt when i was usin uc browser,it had a prbl…so now help me


Once more, you are barking up the wrong tree.

This forum is for Cloudflare issues, not generic web design problems.


It loads a little slow at the end, but everything is there in my Chrome and Firefox browsers. I don’t know what the UC browser is, but your site is working as expected in mainstream browsers.

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