Hey guys i need help with "Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress"

Hey guys, i need help.

I just installed the “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress” and is showing this issue. What does that mean? is working or no?

Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames:


It seems that APO is enabled for dashboard. subdomain. Make sure the Cloudflare plugin is properly installed. The warning is there because it should send the cf-edge-cache response header, but Cloudflare can’t see it. This may be the result of a local, origin-server cache, or some other plugin removing that header before the page is sent out to Cloudflare’s edge.

Also, there seems to be a redirect in place for the dashboard. subdomain that is causing a redirection loop. Check any redirects set via Cloudflare Page/Redirect Rules or your origin server.

As for the other subdomain, make sure its DNS records are pointing to the origin and proxied :orange: by Cloudflare.

thanks a lot. But What should i do? i dont see any other cache plugin or something like that. I saw that the website now have a few issues but i dont understand

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