Hestiacp host ssl authority error

I need some help with hestiacp’s hostname ssl.
I wanba use cloudflare origin ssl but i get authority error.
It works just fine with my website but not with the panels subdomain.
Thanks for any help

I have Let’s Encrypt certificates behind the Cloudflare proxy on a public HestiaCP instance. I also have a lab instance on a LAN. That HestiaCP is using private CA certificates for both the panel an the sites. I do have my private CA root certificate installed on the host. You might want to see if that makes a difference.

Place the Cloudflare Origin CA root certificate in /usr/share/ca-certificates and then run update-ca-certificates to install it.

update-ca-certificates(8) — ca-certificates — Debian bookworm — Debian Manpages

If that doesn’t work, you may need to ask on the HestiaCP Forum.

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