Heroku + Google Domains + Cloudflare Subdomain issue

Hi All,

I’ve successfully setup my main domain from Google domains on Cloudflare and setup my heroku app using the DNS target for both the root domain and the www.

I have a second heroku app with a subdomain of my app.

So on heroku I did the usual process.

1.Setup Custom Domain using “www” so “www,subdomain,mydomain,com”
2. I copied the DNS target


  1. I created a CNAME with the name “www,subdomain” and target “DNS target from heroku”

The site works fine if I type “www,subdomain,mydomain,com” but when I remove the “www” and try “subdomain,mydomain,com” it throw a site can not be reached and a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Do I need to create another CNAME with out the “www” such as CNAME , subdomain , heroku dns target?

Or should I create a rule?

Not sure what to do.


I was able to get it to work by creating two domains in heroku and creating corresponding CNAMEs on Cloudflare. Now weird issue I’m facing is I can access my site fine from my cell using cellular network but I can’t access it using wifi unless I use manual DNS server such as googles Any idea why that is?

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