Heroku Godaddy dns problems

Hi i have been trying to setup my custom domain with Heroku Godaddy and Cloudflare.
I have entered my custom adress with www in Heroku, then i added 2 CNAME to Cloudflare, first one is my adress and Heroku target, and the second one is www with Heroku target, last step was to change name servers from Cloudflare in Godaddy. I have error server not found. can you help me?

Hi @boatinghvar

I’m not entirely sure of how you have configured your DNS, maybe you can clarify?

In the meantime, you may find this Knowledge Based article helpful for setting up Heroku with Cloudflare:

Hope that helps!

@boatinghvar and @rprice Sadly the solution suggested in Cloudflare’s Knowledge base does not work (and it hasn’t for a very long time or never worked - check the many stackoverflow posts).

The current solution that works uses full SSL and your *herokuapp.com as CNAME. This however won’t work any longer from July 31st (due to changes in Heroku). See my post from a few weeks ago (sadly, no solution given and the thread went down the merits of full encryption as opposed to having the issue dealt with)
Changes in Heroku. How to continue having free Cloudflare SSL on free Heroku dynos? - #8 by pat_cloudflare

Lots of of hobby apps using the workaround I’ve described above will sadly go down in July should there not be a new workaround.

I’m all ears for a new solution.

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