Here's how to get 3 Cloudflare IP addresses

In general, websites are given 2 IP by Cloudflare, but in rare cases, there are 3 IP.

This one only has 2 IP addresses because it is on the free plan cloudflare account. :stuck_out_tongue:

Update 2024 : Vevioz Enterprise Has 3 ip addresses as it is now in the cloudflare pro plan. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How to get 3 IP addresses?
The answer is Cloudflare PRO plan

Congratulations to anyone looking for answers and getting answers here, and look at now very fast to access with the Cloudflare PRO package and safe from malicious bot attacks that consume your server resources.

This one only has 2 IP addresses:

My guess is that it is an enterprise feature that customers pay for. Keep in mind that Cloudflare’s IP are anycast so while you only see two IPs they are being severed from the multiple datacenters.


I don’t think so, I tracked that the website has the IP address and there are 48 websites that use the IP and all of them have 3 IP addresses

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