Hep with Cloudfare domain

I just moved a domain name registration from Godaddy to Cloudflare. Dreamhost is hosting my website.
Cloudflare is now my registrar for this domain but how do I change nameservers for the domain if I don’t want it to point to the nameservers of Cloudflare? I want to use demhsot nameservers ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreahost.com, ns3.dreahost.com where my website is hosted rather than using Cloudflare nameservers.


Cloudflare Registrar only uses Cloudflare name servers (ToS 7.2):

You should be able to use Cloudflare DNS for your site without issue. Is there a reason you want to use DreamHost name servers instead?

Thank you for your reply. I was told to use namesservers but found a way to updateDNS A column with IP Address.

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