Helpme pls: Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)


Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

Today,I want update my DNS record
But I see overview tell me my Website not active
I clicked “Recheck Nameserver”,But not working.

Next, I waiting one day,Still not working.

I’m not change my domain NS server longtime,It normal before 1day.
But now I can’t change record and settings.

This is my domain:

I use many whois Tools to check NS info.
The Settings all right,And never be changed(last edit is 1years before).

Help me pls!
(My English so broken,forgive me)


Both websites work, so that is good.

Are you using Cloudflare’s setup for China? I don’t know how different that is from regular accounts.

What are you trying to change? The IP address for

You might have to open a Support Ticket:


Maybe this is system bug?
I can’t changed already exist record
Remove=Not Removed
Edit=Not edited
Look like the changes not sync to dns server
For expamle:
I edit www A record from to
But nslookup still

Looklike CloudFlare No takeover of DNS.

And overview tellme Website not active (DNS modification pending)

But I’m already changed NS in register website LONG LONG time.

But the issues is just happened.

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