HELP! Wordpress website got suspended

I have a website. I bought the domain from GoDaddy and also bought Basic Managed WordPress Websites from GoDaddy. I forgot to renew my WordPress so my site got suspended. I renewed it few days back but it is still not working. My nameservers are of Cloudflare. My contacted GoDaddy said because my nameservers are of Cloudflare so my website is not working and I should put GoDaddy’s nameservers.

Did they give me the wrong information? Who has my website data? Godaddy or Cloudflare? I don’t have Cpanel in GoDaddy. I did not buy Cpanel because I was told to pay extra to buy Cpanel. Then I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare.

What should I do?

Cloudflare does not have your website data, as Cloudflare is not a host. I suggest you set your name servers back to GoDaddy until you get it working again. Then you can add it back to your Cloudflare account.

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