Help with workers and domain

I’ve got a domain registered with custom nameservers and i also added it to a Pages website.

In the domain workers tab, i added a custom worker for all paths and all subdomains redirecting to an example website to see if it would intercept requests, but the normal pages website gets served instead.

Am i doing it wrong? I would have liked to avoid pointing the domain directly to the worker but if that’s a solution I’m willing to try

(Sorry for any possible spelling mistake, English isn’t my first language)


My question is, are the records :orange: in the DNS page? :slight_smile: Workers require a proxied record to work.

You could provide us with the domain name, which certainly helps in these cases.

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The record is a CNAME marked with the proxy symbol.
Also as for now if possible i would like to avoid sharing the domain, since it contains let’s say “private (scholastic) things”

Can you share screenshot of the relevant DNS section + Workers’ routes config, blanking out the actual hostname (e.g. “example” in I need to check a couple of things…

Note that i replaced the real name with

There is what I wanted to see. ** doesn’t cover the root. You need to make that*.

Does that work with subdomains too?

It doesn’t, but with you current DNS setup, they wouldn’t work regardless. On non-Enterprise plans you need a record for each subdomain, as wildcards can’t be proxied.

There is a workaround, but it might get patched as it’s not intended behaviour, so it’s not really worth it.

Ok, thanks for the help :smiley:

You can always put both routes (or try with **, but I always forget if that actually works). The Worker route does work with wildcards, you just need the DNS records.

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