Help with Website error

I purchased my domain through GoDaddy for my Shopify website. Everything worked fine until I hired a designer to refresh my site. Now works but does not. Error: This page isn’t available

Please check that the URL entered is correct or try loading the page again.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact the website owner.

I have had many smart people look into this and update DNS settings. Shopify is saying it is “Cloudflare’s fault”. I had never heard of Cloudflare until last week. Here is specifically the last message I had from Shopify:
Domain is pointed to Shopify but did not return Shopify headers.
Most likely, someone who previously owned the domain before you bought it had a Cloudflare account and the DNS settings and SSL certificates in that account may be taking priority over Shopify’s settings.

Any ideas? Has anyone run into this before?

You’re using GoDaddy DNS to point to Shopify. Is there a way you can get GoDaddy to forward requests with www over to the URL without www? Or maybe replace your “A” record over at GoDaddy with a CNAME that points to your ‘www’.

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