Help with website edits/updates not showing

Hi, for some reason, ever since I’ve started using Cloudflare, I have issues every time I updated/edit my website.

When I edit the content and click publish, all looks great. However, then I go to the mobile version or ask someone else to check out the new page, and it’s still the old page (pre-edited). I purged my cache which didn’t do anything. From there, I toggled between developer mode bc I read something saying that would help. I’m a bit lost as Im wasting so much time editing and re-editing my site everytime I want to make a small change. Any ideas?

FYI - I use and beaver builder editing purposes.

Clear the Cache of the pages you edited in CloudFlare, or to be sure, purge all cache. This will make any changes visible within 30s

Yes, I did this originally. I first tried the specific page and then I purged all cash.

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