Help with undeliverable hotmail email

I need help from Cloudflare - my email host Hostek said my DNS is through Cloudflare and I can not send emails to hotmail addresses it has been blocklisted.

If your website host is also your email provider, then Cloudflare should not come in the way at all – unless your DNS is misconfigured.

Please provide the address of the domain in question so we can take a look for you.

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The website is narnia (.com) can’t post full as won’t let me send message

Our website is managed by another company so I assume they have it linked to yourselves

The problem is my emails were not sending to hotmail emails as it was blocklisted

I’ve also had other issues which I was told needed Cloudflare to manage.

You are the DNS

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Cloudflare does not provide managed services. They have tools that are used by site operators. You can think of Cloudflare as a place that you can hire a car, but it’s not a car service. You need to provide your own driver if you cannot drive or simply prefer not to drive the hired car.

Aside from the rather nonspecific mention of a blocklist, did your email service explain why your emails to Hotmail are not being delivered and what they think can be added in your DNS to remedy that situation?

Using the free tools at dmarcian, I see that you have no DMARC record and a very simple SPF. If the rejected email is sent by a third-party service it may not be verifiable as authentic using the current records. Your mail service provider would have to provide you with the required information.

While there are DNS records related to outbound email they are all comprised of information provided by your email providers. For the Community to offer guidance on changes to those records, we need more specifics on what details are missing from which records.

This is what Hostek, my email host said:

Cloudflare is managing your DNS, you seem to have an account with them. They are popular for their CDN service which is meant to speed and protect your site.

You can verify that the DNS zone is managed by them from this DNS check on your name servers:

The records will need to be updated with them regardless of the IP being blocklisted, these records are essential for the outgoing authentication of your outgoing emails so even if we delist the blocklisted IP, you will still need to get these records updated with them in order to ensure that you won’t have any other issues with the delivery of your emails.

Which records?

Before we get into that, let’s step back and cover some basics.

Do you have access to the Cloudflare account with the DNS?
If you do not, do you know who does?
If it is someone else, have you asked the party that manages your Cloudflare account to make the necessary changes?


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