Help with the hCaptcha

Hello everyone,
im using cloudflare on my site(forum) all work good and smooth just the hCaptcha jump evrey 10 seconds like if you go form a topic to topic its just jump again? why is that? not in “under attack mode” and “Challenge Passage” set to 30 minutes, any solution?


not even one answer? comon

What is the domain?

***** please help me figure why this is happening this is bad

I’m challenged when I first hit the site, but can move around without encountering it again. If you turn off the challenge firewall rule, are you still encountering repeated challenges navigating the site? Tagging @hCaptchaSupport as fyi in case this is know issue.

what? didnt understand you
just look when you go from topic to topic or some like that you just getting captcha again, i want it to be like evrey 30 minutes or just normal not 5 seconds ty anyways,
hopefully someone got a solution

I get the challenge when the site loads

If you turn off the captcha everyone rule, do you still encounter a captcha when you move from topic to topic?

Hi, this looks like something with the firewall setting rather than hCaptcha; not sure why it would be triggering so often.


yes of curse if i turn of the rule there is no captcha

i dont get it if its aint the captcha problem what is this? you dont got a solution?

This is a community support forum… review your firewall logs perhaps?

reviewd how that halped me? and i know its support forum that what im asking for a support, not trying be rude im just gettting to the point

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Alrighty… you got to the point. Thank you for the great insight into what you found. That really helps others to understand better what is going on.

you told me to review you didnt told send nothing can you guys be specific ?! “review firewall logs” and??? i got more then 2M logs just in last 24 hours so how does it help you understand why the captcha jump evreytime you move to other topic image

… have you… I don’t know… clicked on a couple of them to see what rule is triggering on them or any of the other details on the event?

No one here has access to your account. The one person who bothered to try and visit the site was unable to reproduce the issue and your response to him was… rude at best. If you’re not going to share any details of your configuration I don’t understand how you expect a community group to actually help you.

Do you want people just to guess at the possible cause?

no im just new to this site as you can see and i didnt meant to be rude my respond was half for “hcaptcha support” never mind my mistake what do you mean the “configuration” just lmk and i will send it im just sick of this skid who attacked my site but now im damagin my own with this annoying captcha
bot fight mode is ON if its matter

Each firewall event will have the rule ID or a description of the rule triggered. Is that the only rule you have in place? If you have multiple overlapping rules it is entirely possible users will be triggered by each of them. The details of the events in the log will show which rules are being triggered.

The screenshot you have is a global rule, so if there are more specific rules which are redundant you should remove or modify them as needed.

this is the only rule i have the one i sent you, send you any other image?
thats the role id:f9bb9a2604c24b47aa2bbad4d77d900f
can be becuase of DNS ? something? i really dont know why is like that i just setup it and its worked botnet cant get trough but now even realy people cant get in

Hey i posted the rule ID can maybe check if my problem sound familliar