Help with SSL API Certificate


I recently switched my name server from Namecheap to cloud flare

and the switch was successful as I my status is now ACTIVE.

I also seem to have a SSL API certificate issued but i’m not sure what to do with it

in order to use https instead of http from here on.

The other thing I did was pick the Always Use HTTPS feature in the Crypto section on the Cloudflare Dashboard.

So why is it that my tracking link still doesn’t redirect to the designated domain?

Thanks in advance

:wave: @thisizabundance,

Is your website set to be orange clouded :orange: in the Cloudflare DNS control panel? If you visit your site with https:// in front of it can you connect? Unclear what a tracking link redirect is, can you be more specific about what you are trying to achieve?


Hey Oliver thanx for following up with me!

The issue’s been fixed, i figure it was just a matter of waiting for the system to update.

Yes the website was set to orange :slight_smile:

A tracking link is when a domain name is used to redirect to a different website than the one indicated by the domain.

Usually this means that there is no website hosted under the domain and that the link is set up solely for tracking purposes.

Thanks again,


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