Help with setting up subdomain directing to bluehost

I bought my domain at bluehost, and redirected it via CloudFlare to clickfunnels.
now I would like to make a Wordpress page with the subdomain
how would I do this? Do I create a subdomain in CloudFlare or bluehost?

Set it up at Bluehost, and add a DNS record here. I expect your Bluehost DNS Records page there will show you what you need to add here. It will probably be an “A” record with an IP address. Make sure Bluehost has SSL enabled for that subdomain.

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thank you @sdayman, appreciate your answer a lot :blue_heart:.
I managed the step to setup the subdomain in bluehost.
I see only DNS records for in bluehost, and they are the CloudFlare settings…
I’m not sure if this CloudFlare help article is applicable? :
I don’t understand step 5 of this help article, in case it’s the correct one?

Maybe it’s autocorrect, but that domain doesn’t match the one in your original post.

The delegation article doesn’t necessarily match the situation. BlueHost should have a DNS section in your account for that domain. You should be able to find some sort of IP address for your server. If not, just ask them. They might reply “something blah blah Cloudflare, no DNS here.” If they do, just ask for the IP address of the server where you just added that subdomain.

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thank you for your patience with me @sdayman.
I see these records, but they are all for the entire domain and no exclusive records for the subdomain. should I take the A record IP address from eathealthysummit then? (obviously having no idea what I am doing why…)

That A record is a safe bet. If the subdomain and blog were actually set up. You’ll find out soon enough.

ok, so let’s try that IP address I found in bluehost for the domain.
now I’m back at CloudFlare and want to try add an A record under DNS management for
Name is probably, and not @ for root, correct ? and then copy paste that IP address I found in bluehost for

Name would just be ‘members’. Cloudflare will automatically add on the domain.

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cool thank you so much @sdayman! I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

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current status: when trying to access (members was a typo) I get an error saying too many redirects…

I get this:

cool… I still get the failed to open page - too many redirects when trying to access */wp-admin

hurray, found via google search a related post (for site ground, not for bluehost). they recommended to set the SSL/TLS to Full (strict). And now I can access *./wp-admin :slight_smile: No idea what other effect this SSL/ TLS Full (strict) setting has…

Full (Strict) is security goodness. It should all be good now.

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