Help with setting up Cloudflare with No-IP Dynamic DNS?

Currently have a Dynamic DNS client setup on my VPS with No-IP. I was wondering if its possible to setup Cloudflare with my Dynamic DNS, since I’m not sure where to start and where to put everything.

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You cannot sync No-IP directly with Cloudflare.
If you have an active domain here you can set a CNAME that points to your No-IP name.

DNS-o-Matic supports updating your IP directly here via API.

They support a lot of other Dyn providers as well and can Uodate your record there simultaneously as well

If you want to sync your dynamic IP without any other providers, you can use a small PHP script that updates your IP through the Cloudflare API.

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Can I sync my static IP on my VPS to Cloudflare?

Well in that case it’s a simple A (or AAAA if IPv6) record, no need to use Dynamic DNS if the IP is static.

So I setup my A record to my IPv4 address, but what do I do with the nameservers then?

I don’t get why you need name servers… You mean the Cloudflare name servers (

Yes, those. I’m very new to Cloudflare so I don’t know what goes where or what link I redirect people to.

They go in your domain registrar.

What do you mean by this?

I don’t have a domain, I’m using a Dynamic DNS client by for my VPS’ IP address.

The Dynamic DNS client has 3 DNS options. DNS Host A, DNS Host Round Robin & DNS Alias (CNAME)

Without a domain you can’t use Cloudflare. Cloudflare requires a domain. The only possible way to access your VPS is using the No-IP hostname.

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Ah, that clears it up. Thank you.

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Question; my VPS has a “DNS Zone”, does this involve Cloudflare at all? Can people connect via some of the links in this?

Well it can be, but what service provider do you use for the VPS? I will have to look into it. Unless you can provide some screenshots.

I’m using, and this is the DNS Zone for my server.

There’s also a domain registry for my VPS If I’d like. does not have any namerservers? :thinking:

From this it seems you actually have a domain (, which you can maybe change the name servers (there is a button to show them).

My question though is why use such a strange service (from my point of view, in Europe). Why not something like DigitalOcean, Linode or Vultr?

PS: that domain doesn’t seem to have anything added… You sure it’s working? In addition obscuring those IPs wouldn’t actually prevent me from knowing them, if the domain worked, obviously.

Yeah, that’s the same question I have.

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Well there is a domain set up option which actually creates a domain for the VPS, which I might invest in.

Also, the choice in VPS is that It’s Australian based and I’m in Australia, and It was cheaper than other places I had seen + more customisation.