Help with release domain from previous CF partner/account

As seen in several similar topics - I’m probably experiencing DNS/website proxying issue due to domain move between accounts yet previous Cloudflare partner (WP Engine) not releasing the domain.

Since domain owner doesn’t have any access details of previous setup - I’ve added the domain to this new account, we changed nameservers at domain registrar and everything works as expected EXCEPT the website that still when proxied shows the content from previous hosting provider and does not obey new DNS config for @/www A/AAAA/CNAME.

Please help with with ticket #2594189 (sent email to [email protected] as found suggested in other topics solving same problem). Thank you in advance!

P.s. Cloudflare should consider adding to documentation official suggestion how to achieve ‘reset’ in such case, because it’s a pain to reach support and this is definitely not an issue that could be solved by your service users themselves…

While the Cloudflare partner that failed to correctly release the domain from their account is the appropriate party to resolve this situation, there actually is a method that can be utilized by the domain owner (or their agents).

Look for Liberate The Hostname in the following Community Tips #tutorial.

Appreciate your help! This solved my issue. Thanks.

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