Help with proper DNS settings for subdomain with different IP

I have the following setup:
A example-com points to ip yellow cloud
A sub.example-com points to ip yellow cloud
CNAME www points to

Do I need to add something else ?

Seems like the dns check thrown me one error:
Delegation not found at parent.
No delegation could be found at the parent, making your zone unreachable from the Internet.
Not enough nameserver information was found to test the zone sub.example. com, but an IP address lookup succeeded in spite of that.

Thank you

That’s a normal setup, though I don’t use CNAME for www (I use the same IP address as the naked domain).
I have a website at one IP address, and a Nextcloud installation for the subdomain at a different IP address.

There may be a typo in what you’re trying to enter. Though you say an IP address lookup works. If you post the domain and subdomain, more people could help troubleshoot it.

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Problem solved.

Thank you for your help!

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