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I need to connect my domain to a wix site. I want to confirm the A record and the CNAME record are added correctly. I am using the pointing method as it is under 60 days since domain purchase and I cannot change the nameservers.

I contacted WIX support and they are stating that the system is not propagating the records that have added as seen below screenshot.

The A record should be
The CNAME is

In order to check, we also need to know the domain name and what hostnames are supposed to have which records.

1 Like is the domain name
Host for A is @
Host for CNAME is www

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Thanks for sharing. Both hostnames are returning Cloudflare proxy IPs. They should not. You need to switch those records from :orange: to :grey: DNS Only.

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I have just changed those records from :orange: to :grey: DNS Only.

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Has it worked now?

Your site now loads for me.

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Thank you so much for your help!

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